Ghosting Before Blushield Usage

Blood tests revealed weakened cells displaying phenomena known as "ghosting," indicating cellular instability. Irregularly shaped cells with abnormal grouping and crystallization patterns were observed, potentially impeding oxygen transport.

No Ghosting After Using Blushield

The ‘after Blushield’ blood tests showed that the cells looked much healthier and regularly shaped. There was also no sign of ghosting, which showed a significant improvement over previous test results.

Crystallization Before Using Blushield

The first blood test showed an irregular grouping of the patient’s blood cells. Some of the cells also had irregular shapes and some cells even appeared to be crystallizing. Regardless of the cause, the following symptoms can have a significant impact on your body’s ability to transport oxygen and nutrients.

No Crystallization After Using Blushield

The ‘after Blushield’ blood test also showed impressive improvements over earlier samples. Not only were these cells spread out evenly as red blood cells should be, but all signs of crystallization had also vanished.

Testers' Observations: Remarkable Health Improvements

Feedback from testers highlighted considerable improvements in blood health after using Blushield products. Reduced inflammation, oxidation levels, and evidence of immune system recovery were noted, emphasizing the efficacy of Blushield in enhancing overall well-being even without lifestyle modifications.