Avoid Proximity to Cellphone Towers

Cellphone towers are one of the biggest 5G emitters, so it’s best to keep your distance from them where possible. This can be difficult, especially in built-up areas, but you will likely experience less 5G exposure if you live rurally. If you are moving home, then you should consider looking into cellphone towers in the area.

Regardless, it can be difficult to avoid being close to a cellphone tower, and moving home is often impractical. Fortunately, BlueShield has the solution with its extensive range of 5G protection products.

Mattress Choices: Opt for Foam

Spring mattresses typically use metal coils that can amplify 5G signals, such as those coming from your phone. This means greater exposure to radiation, especially considering most people spend at least 8 hours a day in bed.

Instead, it's better to turn to other options like foam that contains no coils or any other component that can generate or amplify EMF. You will also find high-quality foam mattresses that help you sleep as well as you would on any coil mattress.

Limit Computer and TV Usage

Computers and TV sets are among the biggest EMF emitters in your home, even if they are also among the most essential. Try to limit your TV or computer use as much as possible and look for other activities like reading instead. When you do watch TV, it’s best to keep a reasonable difference to prevent eye strain.

Limiting the amount of time you spend sitting in front of a screen will not only help prevent 5G exposure symptoms but will also help prevent medical issues like gradual loss of sight. Keeping clear of computers and TV usage before going to bed is also a good idea because they emit a lot of blue light which can keep you awake.

TDistance from Phones at Night

It is tempting to keep your phone close to you at night, typically on a bedside table or chair, because it is convenient to have them close by. However, smartphones emit strong EMF signals that can contribute to unwelcome symptoms.

Many people use their phone as an alarm, in which case it would make sense to have it close. However, it’s best to leave your phone charging far from your bed, but a mechanical alarm clock makes an ideal replacement for those who need to be woken.

Turn Off Devices

Turn off as many electrical devices as possible, leaving on only those you need to remain on, like your refrigerator. Some devices will go to standby mode when switched off, but they can still emit EMF, so it may be necessary to unplug some devices altogether. Sockets will also often have switches that let you switch your devices completely on and off with ease.

Not only will turning devices off help limit EMF emissions in your home, but it will also men lower energy bills. Using less power will also help you do your part for the environment.

Wi-Fi Router Placement

Position routers away from high-traffic areas to minimize EMF exposure, preferably in less frequented rooms. Most modern routers can be placed anywhere in the home and still ensure everybody can find a secure connection.

The best place for a router is often in a spare room or storage room that you rarely enter. Being behind a wall will offer you some protection against 5G, without limiting the quality of your connection.