Blushield Cap Midnight Shimmer

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Blushield Cap Midnight Shimmer

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Blushield Cap

Mobile devices, particularly smartphones, pose challenges due to their close proximity to our heads during usage. To address this concern, Blushield introduces the Blushield Cap, offering EMF signal protection through a layer of silver cloth, effectively blocking detrimental EMF signals from reaching the brain.

While the cap provides robust shielding against EMF signals directed at the brain, it remains unable to impede radiation from affecting other body parts. Thus, complementing its use with other Blushield products is recommended to ensure comprehensive EMF protection. For frequent smartphone users, this cap proves instrumental in alleviating symptoms like headaches, allowing for prolonged smartphone use without compromising health.

Blushield Cap Key Features

  • Wide Brim: Wide brim for sun protection
  • Constant Protection: Suited for frequent cell phone users
  • Comfortable: Comfortable and adjustable design and available in multiple colours.
  • Effective Protection: EMF protection via high-grade RF blocking 75dB fabric
  • Stylish Logo: Blushield logo crafted from natural leather
  • Quality Materials: Made from 100% cotton twill fabric

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