Blushield Mono AirTube
Blushield Mono AirTube  Blushield Mono AirTube  Blushield Mono AirTube 

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Blushield Mono AirTube

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Radiation Protective Mono Air-Tube Headset

Crafted from sleek white ABS plastic, the Blushield Mono AirTube headset ensures durability and safety, particularly in public spaces. The mono-speaker design significantly reduces radiation exposure near the brain, providing a safer audio experience.

Employing an innovative AirTube design, this headset channels audio through a hollow tube into an acoustic chamber, reducing EMF radiation in the ear by an impressive 99%. Alongside its compatibility with various devices, comfortable silicone earbuds and user-friendly call handling make it a convenient and reliable choice.

Mono Air-Tube Headset Key Features

  • Comfortable: Comfortable silicone earbuds
  • Compatible: 3.5mm jack compatibility
  • Reduces Radiation: Drastically reduces radiation levels within the ear
  • Impressive Audio Quality: The unique design offers a high-quality audio experience.
  • Safe: Safer than dual-speaker headsets outdoors

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