C1 Ultimate Series Cube

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C1 Ultimate Series Cube

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C1 Ultimate Series Cube: Setting New Industry Standards

The C1 Ultimate Series Cube stands as a pinnacle in the field of EMF protection devices. Its capacity to safeguard against the pervasive influence of EMF radiation sets new standards in the industry. Crafted to confront high-density 5G radiation environments, the C1 offers an extensive protective radius of 240 meters. Such a broad coverage range makes it an ideal choice not just for homes but also for extensive facilities like corporate offices, warehouses, educational institutions, and medical establishments like hospitals.

The device's metallic grey finish exudes sophistication and versatility, seamlessly integrating into various settings. Easily mountable on shelves or desktops, its adaptability in placement is a notable advantage. Universally compatible with different power grids and powered by a 12-volt pack, the C1 stands as an emblem of convenience and efficiency. For comprehensive protection, complementing the C1 with portable Blushield products ensures continuous safeguarding regardless of your location.

Its exceptional protective capabilities work wonders in reducing or eradicating adverse reactions often experienced by individuals sensitive to EMF radiation. User-friendly, the device is a 'plug-and-play' solution, instantly emitting beneficial frequencies upon activation.

C1 Ultimate Series Cube Key Features:

  • High Level of Protection: Provides unparalleled protection against 5G radiation
  • Extensive, Non-Stop Coverage: Delivers 24/7 coverage over extensive areas
  • Low Power Consumption: Requires a 12W power supply
  • Looks Great in Any Home or Office: Sleek metallic grey design enhances aesthetics
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Incorporates cutting-edge dual-band scalar technology

C1 Ultimate Series Cube Dimensions:

  • Size: 100mm x 100mm x 100mm
  • Weight: 750g

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