Phi Series Portable Φ1
Phi Series Portable Φ1  Phi Series Portable Φ1  Phi Series Portable Φ1 

Phi Series

Phi Series Portable Φ1

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Phi Series Portable Φ1: Convenient Protection On-The-Go

The Phi Series Portable Φ1 stands out as a convenient solution for individual EMF protection in otherwise unprotected zones. Its compact size, reinforced steel lanyard hole, and lightweight design allow for effortless carrying, making it an ideal travel companion.

Offering adequate protection from 5G radiation within these zones, this device serves as a reliable safeguard during commutes between home and office spaces. Covering a 6m radius, it caters to personal protection needs.

With up to 3 days of continuous use on a single charge and a quick 1-hour full charge cycle, this device ensures uninterrupted protection. Additionally, its battery life can be prolonged by powering off when not in use. The provision of a USB charging cable ensures that the device is always ready for action.

Despite being an excellent portable solution, the Phi Series Portable Φ1 does not match the potency of more powerful devices. Therefore, for comprehensive peace of mind at home or the office, exploring superior options is recommended.

The Phi Series Portable Φ1 Key Features Include:

  • Rapid Charging: Achieving a full charge in under 1 hour for immediate use.
  • Personal Protection: Tailored for safeguarding individuals in non-protected zones during travel or commute.
  • Safe Use: Compatible with pacemakers and equipped with an on/off button for user convenience.
  • Enhanced Portability: Equipped with a lanyard and charging cable for user convenience during travel.
  • Compact Protection: Guards against EMF signals over a 4m radius, ensuring personal safety.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use around children and during air travel for uninterrupted protection.

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