T1 Portable
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T1 Portable

  • Brand: blushield
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T1 Portable

The T1 Portable stands as a reliable companion, ensuring continuous EMF protection even beyond secured zones. Boasting a high-gloss chrome finish, it not only guarantees effective protection but also adds a touch of elegance.

Designed for convenient use, this device functions for up to three days on a single charge, requiring only three hours for a full charge from empty. Equipped with a 400mAH battery and a USB Type C socket, it's effortlessly rechargeable. While durable, it's not waterproof, hence the importance of the T1 pouch for keeping it dry and safeguarded from potential damage.

Though ideal for personal protection outdoors, the T1 yields optimal results when paired with other Blushield products, like the C1 Ultimate Cube, offering expanded protection over larger areas.

T1 Portable Key Features

  • Pacemaker Safe: Safe for use alongside pacemakers
  • Quick Charging: Rapid charging in under three hours
  • Easy Charging: Includes a convenient USB charging cable
  • Personal Protection: Serves as personal protection between safe zones
  • Stunning Finish: Features a durable zinc alloy finish
  • Wide Ranging Protection: Provides portable EMF radiation defence over a 6m radius
  • Child Safe: Suitable for use around children and on aeroplanes
  • New Technology: Implements advanced dual-band scalar output technology

T1 Portable Dimensions:

  • Size: 85mm x 35mm x 11mm
  • Weight: 100g

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