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W1 Watch

  • Brand: blushield
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W1 Watch

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The W1 Watch distinguishes itself through user-friendly attributes, boasting a convenient touchscreen. Furthermore, its versatile language display options in English, German, or Japanese enhance its accessibility. A lightweight yet robust zinc alloy case ensures durability while maintaining an elegant appearance.

The standout feature of this watch is its emission of protective wavelengths within a 6-meter radius, providing a reliable shield against EMF waves. Its 350mAH battery sustains two days of continuous usage, and a swift recharge cycle of slightly over an hour, facilitated by a 1 AMP charger, ensures minimal downtime. The magnetic charging lead simplifies the charging process.

Effectively guarding individuals within a 6-meter range, this watch serves as a guardian in otherwise vulnerable areas, ideal for commutes, shopping trips, and travel routines.

For optimal results, a complementary use alongside devices like the C1 Ultimate, which offers static protection over broader ranges, is suggested. Despite its sturdiness, caution is advised to keep the watch away from water exposure.

W1 Watch Key Features

  • Pacemaker Safe: Safe for use alongside pacemakers
  • Fast Recharge: Quick recharge in under 2 hours
  • The Best in Personal Protection: Designed for personal protection in non-protected zones
  • Easy to Charge: Requires a 1AMP charger
  • Child Safe: Safe for children and suitable for aeroplane use
  • Long Use: Provides up to 2 days of continuous use on a single charge

W1 Watch Dimensions

  • Size: 54mm x 12mm thick
  • Weight: 61g

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