X1 Pendant
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Ultimate Series

X1 Pendant

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X1 Pendant

The X1 Pendant epitomizes style and functionality in portable EMF protection, boasting an appealing chrome finish. Beyond its aesthetic allure, its compact zinc alloy case guarantees both elegance and durability.

Powered by a 400mAH battery, it offers three days of continuous protection. A quick charging time of just over an hour, facilitated by a 1 AMP charger, alongside a user-friendly USB charging cable, ensures seamless upkeep. Its discreet USB Type C socket further enhances convenience.

Emitting frequencies that resonate with our bodies' evolutionary signals, the pendant counters the impact of 5G arrays and other EMF emitters, promoting a robust immune system and overall wellness for many users.

This device provides a moderate level of safeguarding in transit between secure zones, best utilized in conjunction with other Blushield products like the C1 Ultimate Series Cubes. Despite its durability, it's susceptible to water damage and should be kept dry to maintain optimal functionality.

X1 Pendant Key Features

  • Pacemaker Safe: Safe use alongside pacemakers
  • Quick Charging: Charges in under 1 hour
  • Personal Protection: Portable protection over a 6m radius
  • Child safe: Safe for children and suitable for aeroplane use
  • Groundbreaking Technology: Utilizes the latest dual-band scalar output technology
  • Easy to recharge: Equipped with a 180mAH rechargeable battery

X1 Pendant Dimensions

  • Size: 50mm x 50mm x 11mm
  • Weight: 49g

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